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Would you like to achieve a favorable position on Google and other major Internet search engines for keywords of your choice?

SEO MarketingSEO (Search Engine Optimization Eng.) is to optimization of your site for search engine optimization and the goal is to achieve better positions in the search web sites. Each page is optimized to the specific selection of appropriate keywords related to its content and offers. This achieves connecting Internet users with the owner of the website through which your site offers specific goods or services. What is certain site better positioned according to their content and keywords, it will be accessible to surfers who, through Google, Yahoo or other big search engines look for what interests them, and there is still over 90% of all internet services world. SEO marketing is the best way to get to your web site bring visitors who know exactly what they want and what they want on the Internet.

Duration and rate of successful of optimization depends on many circumstances, but generally can be counted for a period of 6-12 months. First and foremost is an important way in which your web site and made ??sure of itself suitable for good optimization. Additionally important is the competition in your business, that is, the competition for the search terms and keywords on which to perform SEO. Pursuant to these factors, the price optimization.

 SEO Pack Bronze

  • application of catalogs
  • applications for search engines
  • correction code up to 2 pages
  • optimization of content up to 2 pages

SEO Pack Bronze costs 290€ per month

SEO Pack Silver

  • application of catalogs
  • applications for search engines
  • correction code up to 10 pages
  • optimization of content up to 10 pages
  • installing Google Analytics counter visits
  • telephone report of SEO activities
  • telephone report of analyzes page visits

SEO Pack Silver costs 520€ per month

SEO Pack Gold

  • application of catalogs
  • applications for search engines
  • correction code up to 30 pages
  • optimization of content up to 30 pages
  • installing Google Analytics counter visits
  • written report of SEO activities
  • written report of analyzes page visits

SEO Pack Gold costs 830€ per month

Extra Services

In addition to the service of making web pages (your company offers a range of other services that will further enhance your new website and make it more functional and attractive. We offer a convenient web design, applications specifically tailored to your needs, as well as advice for making your web site to ensure its maximum usefulness.


Website design is graphic design of all its elements such as headers, menus and other important elements of the page. Specific details related to the appearance of sites such as color, photographs, logos, flash animation and other negotiated with the owner of the site to meet all his requirements and needs. Website design includes the development of XHTML and CSS code in accordance with strict W3C standards. The quality code is crucial for the correct display pages in different browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer …), and its positioning in a number of web search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN …).

Quality web design and web site are key to its future performance on the Internet and the relationship with visitors. This includes the suitability of each site’s needs, but also useful baseline for optimizing pages for search engines, that is SEO, and complete internet marketing campaign that could include a Google AdWords campaign, it is a Pay Per Click.


Extensive experience in internet business allowed us a unique insight into the needs of our clients. Among other things, we learned that not every site will be equally good for each client. It is important that your website is as far as possible tailored to your business and specific requirements of the activities in which it operates, but also the expectations of many users and potential customers. (your company provides you a variety of personal applications for your website that will considerably facilitate an internet business and be fully compliant to all the requirements and needs.


It does not matter that your new website is just beautiful and that every user is “in love” with her at first sight. Of course it is an essential look, nor do we want to say that not because we are aware of the importance of first impressions, but more importantly, each page is laid out and functional. “Usability” of your site, it is its usability, is among the most important conditions that must be met to make web pages in justifying investment. We offer expert advice in making your website in order to ensure its full functionality and ease of use.

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